Animals-In-Motion Photo Blocks

Taken from raw video footage of wild animals in motion, these photographic series beautifully capture a moment in a wild animal’s life. Whether it is a deer falling asleep or a coyote exploring the woods, these series bring you into that moment as if you were there, observing the animal fully present, making decisions and taking action.  Watching animals not only teaches us about their lives, capabilities and emotions; it also reminds us that we have that centered way of being within ourselves, available to us, in every present moment. 

Each series is comprised of a sequence of individual photographs (either 5″x7″ or 6″x8″ depending on the series) which are hand-mounted on a 1/2 inch thick, silver edged photo block, and then put together as a set. The blocks can be hung easily on any wall (horizontally,  vertically or in any configuration) or they can be displayed in “standing” style” on a book shelf, dresser, desk or anywhere else you would like some animal company.:)

White-Tailed Deer Taking A Nap

Coyote Playing With Deer Scrap

Bobcat In Search Of Another