• Coyotes

    Play! Eastern Coyote Flinging A Deer Remnant

    Coyotes, like all animals, have different personalities. Some are more dominant than others, some are shyer, some are more hesitant, and some, intense. This goofball coyote I call Burst. Among other unique things about him, his tail ends in a white tip, rather than the typical black one that most coyotes have. He is also rather high strung – he gets a particular look in his eyes when he suddenly hears something off in a certain direction and he jerks his head up and waits for a minute to see what it might be. But my favorite thing about him is his sense of fun. Twice he has taken to…

  • Coyotes

    Coyote Leaping Along The Edge Of A Beaver Pond

    Coyotes are not often seen at this beaver pond during the day. Perhaps it is because black bears, especially those with cubs, tend to be the predominant daytime visitors. At night, however, coyotes show up more regularly, often when tracking deer. They also visit here more frequently during the winter, when black bear mothers and their cubs are hibernating. This coyote, however, was a pleasant day time summer discovery. You may notice that her left hind leg drags in the water a bit, as she leaps along the water’s edge. At first I thought this was a temporary injury, however some of her pups from her next year’s litter seemed…