Play! Eastern Coyote Flinging A Deer Remnant

Coyotes, like all animals, have different personalities. Some are more dominant than others, some are shyer, some are more hesitant, and some, intense. This goofball coyote I call Burst. Among other unique things about him, his tail ends in a white tip, rather than the typical black one that most coyotes have. He is also rather high strung – he gets a particular look in his eyes when he suddenly hears something off in a certain direction and he jerks his head up and waits for a minute to see what it might be. But my favorite thing about him is his sense of fun. Twice he has taken to playing in front of my camera with a small scrap of deer hide. Coyotes are very precise in their actions, so he was clearly just playing when he threw this deer hide up in the air, waited for a moment for it to fall back down, and then didn’t quite catch it as it slid behind his head and landed on his back. To watch his antics in motion, click on the video below.

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