Coyote Leaping Along The Edge Of A Beaver Pond

Coyotes are not often seen at this beaver pond during the day. Perhaps it is because black bears, especially those with cubs, tend to be the predominant daytime visitors. At night, however, coyotes show up more regularly, often when tracking deer. They also visit here more frequently during the winter, when black bear mothers and their cubs are hibernating. This coyote, however, was a pleasant day time summer discovery. You may notice that her left hind leg drags in the water a bit, as she leaps along the water’s edge. At first I thought this was a temporary injury, however some of her pups from her next year’s litter seemed to have a minor stiffness or rotation in their leg, so now I wonder if she has a mild genetic defect. Whether this is purely an injury or a more permanent condition, this coyote is still quite competent in doing what she needs to sustain herself and her family. To see this coyote in action, click on the video below.

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